In worlds that can be evergreen, always spring with youth eternal and no death...we insist on celebrating our seasonal holidays in them. Holidays that are ancient practices which were created to cushion the blow of our deaths.

Far from giving ourselves up to these fantasies, we seem to have an innate need to wake up from them. To remind ourselves of the real life chain, the one that will not release us even if a part of ourselves exists in worlds that seem immortal.

Around the fansites, some complain that celebrating Halloween and other holidays is unoriginal. These games should really celebrate other newly invented holidays. But no one ever comes out to say just what the citizens in these dream worlds would worship or celebrate. The idea of some newfangled holiday sounds wonderful, but none of us can imagine what that would entail.

Instead our minds fall back to the changing of the seasons. To trees losing their leaves, fields being put to rest and the last of the harvest being stored to sustain a long winter. We prepare for the death of our growing world to await spring, knowing that it will be a long time coming. With all this ingrained into our very being, how could we think of anything else? It just wouldn't feel right.

So we celebrate the coming of our worlds of ever spring.

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