Fashion Magazine

I stumbled upon Lisa Sarfati's photo book, Fashion Magazine, while rummaging around the MOMA's bookstore.

The photos are eerie, magical and slightly kooky.  They play at being outtakes from Vogue or other fashion rags but there are deeper themes at play then just showcasing a Lacroix shirt.  Sarfati showcases models who are regular kids not fashion types.  She proceeds to mix up her models styles, homes and neighborhoods with high fashion items.  At once taking away the glamour of the clothing but glamorizing the lives of the subjects.

At it's heart, the book is about adolescence.  It charts the girls play attempts at adulthood and their clinging to childhood totems.  The clothing are mere props, fantasy objects, dress up items to put on a show about the lives the young girls would like to have.  While they dream of big life, the small town settings ground them in reality and safety.

The style of the photos have this retro 70's sheen that I enjoy and it fits the dreamy mood of the young models.

More of Sarfati's work can be seen at her website,

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