Crystal Clear

I'm late to the Crystal craze sweeping the tubes.  This was a young model who began her career as a regular (i.e super thin) high Fashion runway goddess.  At a turning point in her career, she rebelled and allowed herself to gain weight.  Only to triumph as a plus sized model.

Yes, what you see above is the bone the fashion industry is throwing us...labeled plus size.

Ms. Renn looks to hover between sizes 6 to 12.  Maybe on her weightier days, a size 14.  And this depends on how the fashion houses decide to label their sizes.

Now fashion has been off my radar for a long time now.  When I was heavier, I recognized that I was not its target audience.  Really, I don't know what Fashion's target audience would be.  Because most of us who pick up the magazine only do so for fantasy reasons and that majority are nowhere near the body types of the models.  And none of us will ever attain the body types of fashion models due to genetics.

And that brings me to Ms. Renn.

I like her as a model.  But a plus size model?  Hmmmm, maybe.  As an everywoman?  She is definitely not.  At the end of the day, she is a rarified person who has been genetically blessed.  Just like her thinner cohorts.  She no more represents me or other regular gals, although we are supposed to clap like seals for the fashion industry's forward thinking usage of her in their ads.

She is just another fetishized type.  Just like the super thin models.  Just like Kate Moss who was supposed to represent "Petite" women so many years ago.

Just like the rest, 98% of us will never look like Ms Renn no matter how hard we try.  There will be many of us who are really plus sized and still considered exiles of fashion world.  And there are many of us who are rather wiry and will never be able to pick up enough pounds to be curvaceous.  That is end story.

Ms. Renn is still a part of the realms of fantasy and within that fantasy world she is a unicorn.  She managed to make a way off chance back into a rigged game.  Should that be celebrated?  Because the world she works in didn't change at all.  They just included her in it on a fashiony whim.

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