Strange Habit

It would never have been a conscious choice of mine to house three cats.  One cat is nice.  Two cats keep one another company and out of trouble.  Three cats or more turn into an army.  An army of feline imperialism.  Everywhere you turn, there is a cat slinking away or watching.  Whenever spied upon as a group, they immediately disperse looking furtive.  Things start to disappear and end up in odd places.  Such as, in my house, the water dish.  There are many offerings to the Water Gods in my home.

I ended up with three because my sister moved to a new home where her cats were not welcome.  So they became my foundlings.  In addition to the cat who already lived with me.

Each has his and her own personality.  I discovered that one adoptee has a very disturbing habit.

He loves to sniff bleach and other household cleaning fluids.

That is his portrait above.  Surprised by the camera flash but at the moment not in the act of huffing.

At first, I didn't realize why the cleansing of the bathroom was such an attraction to my cat.  Until I noticed that he loved to sniff the toilet brush after a cleaning.  It was the after smell of bleach that he loved.  It would make him giddy and he would immediately roll onto his back and wiggle with joy.  I soon learned to close the door while I cleaned.

But I also learned that it wasn't just bleach that he loved.  Even cleaning wipes were an attraction.  He goes so far as to pull apart the bathroom waste basket contents in order to pull them out of the trash.  The big lesson of the day for me was to immediately dispose of those wipes in a covered waste can that he can not open.

I'm at a loss about what to do about this awful habit of his.  Its not anything I've ever seen a cat do before.

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