Dwelling too much on the crazy body images foisted upon everyone by our crazy culture can get anyone angry at fashion.  When really it should be something fun, functional and sometimes a bit artistic.  And I've recently discovered that my love for fashion is more fulfilled by my fellow average women than fashion magazines.  I enjoy fashion magazines for their photography and presentation.  But they are the last places that I look to discern whether or not a piece of clothing would fit me.

Which is why fashion blogs are my new favorite places to lurk on the internet.  I discovered most of them a few weeks ago, when Target released it's Rodarte line.  I liked the skirts with their dramatic colors and floating bits of tulle.  But was unsure if they were worth buying.  My search on google for reviews about the line pulled up loads of hits for fashion blogs.  I thought I hit fashion heaven.  So many blogs....  Some dedicated to Anthropologie, others for J. Crew and some just free form.  But the fantastic feature about all of them was that they were written by regular women complete with impromptu photos of their latest reviews.  Those photos were not gorgeous artistic eye candy from Vogue but just functional pics of the bloggers themselves modeling their latest finds.  On that day, I discovered an easy way to determine if a style would be good for me.  Because my body type was closer to the bloggers than real fashion models.  Why can't it always be that simple in fashion?

Here are some links to the blogs I love the most:

Ascot Friday
Effortless Anthropologie
Saks in the City
Le Blog de Big Beauty
J.Crew Aficionada

Another resource for body image rehabilitation for the average woman is this site

My Body Gallery

It features self submitted photos of women of every different size and shape.  Type in your own height and weight, the site will pull up photos of the same size.  I'm amazed how women of the same type will wear different sizes according to how their weight is distributed.  Its amazing.

The photo above is the Beda Dress from Anthropologie which I'm currently coveting.

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