Big Dog

A proof of concept video for a robotic dog form.  Of course, heavily funded by the military.  I'm glad to see that in a middle of the worst financial disaster of modern times, that the military is still discovering advanced forms of murderous weaponry.  Using all of our money of course.

Anyway this is a fascinating experiment and shows just how far robotics research has come to this date.  What surprised me was the deep revulsion it caused in me.  It's movements are close to natural and yet just short of it.  In fact it reminded me of canine movement when they are ill and losing control of their limbs.  It looked unhealthy.  Not only that, I kept looking for it's head.  My whole being was screaming, My GOD where is it's head!!!  And yet, when one of the researchers kicked it, I wanted to run to it's rescue and kick the researcher in retaliation.

Strange.  We've entered strange times.

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