Generation Warfare

I'm done with this fucking marketing, advertising triangularization of the population by age.  I mean, trying to define vast groups of people with stereotype traits is ridiculous.  Its all smoke blown up our asses in order to sell cheeseburgers.

And some would say my attitude is typical of someone born as "Generation X".

Well advertising culture must label away.  Its what they are paid to do.  But I have complaints about what is attributed to my fellow age group.

1)  We hate the Boomers.

Ridiculous.  They are our parents, how could we hate them?  Another related to the hate meme, they are hogging the jobs.  Does anyone believe this?  I think most of us have a good, clear view of what has been going on for the past few decades since we had the reality bat beat us silly from an early age.

Jobs - It was the Boomers parents that lucked out with the lifetime jobs and good pensions.

As this generation Xer recalls, our parents HAD to work in order to get what their parents received by luck of the fates.  The generation that won the war were recipients of a nation that was the only nation to survive WW2 without being decimated industrially.  They could reap the benefits of being the only competition left breathing.

That generation won the big one but also got sucked into the industrial war machine.  So much so that they involved the US in wars against windmills that bankrupted the nation.  To hide that fact, we were taken off the gold standard to allow inflation bubbles to rule the waves.  Which resulted in Boomers having to work and leave their childen to the tender mercies of latchkey nomadism.

They hog the jobs - I see a group of people working hard to build careers until deregulation hit in the early 80's when our parents were labeled redundant en masse and thrown out on their asses.  This kind of sociopathic work behavior was never heard of before, and the boomers were the first to experience it. So was it any wonder they took refuge in "The Big Chill" nostalgia and then backlashed into "Wall Street" Gecko anger?

I'm not surprised at all that our boomer parents hold on to their meager jobs with all the strength they have left in their aging bodies.

2 - Generation X Cynicism

Read the above.  That is more than enough to cause most children to become extremely cynical.  By the time my group hit the teens/twenties we knew that corporatism had no use for us.  And even our college degrees (that our boomer parents thought would be a golden bullet against unemployment) weren't worth a damn.

We were just in time though, to rise on the bubble new industries only to get thrown out just like our parents did in the 80s.  Deregulated free trade occurs faster now in the internet age.  The boomers saw their lifetime employment dreams end.  Their children, us, got to watch our culture explode as the internet age eats its own then spats it back out as re-mash pap.  Any of our original cultural ideas re-mashed and commoditized into meaninglessness.  We never had a chance.  And we also watched with horror as our parents cultural heritage was ground into dust as well to feed open source intertubes.

3 - Generation X hates those toddler Generation Yers

I've never personally given a thought to the younger set.  Most of us have been running so fast to keep in the same place, we don't have time to hate on the babies.

But what I do notice is a group of people determined to look on the bright side of life almost to the point of closing their eyes.  Maybe it will work out for them.  Maybe they can change something, they have the numbers.

But what I see is a group of people that have no job security and no culture.  Their culture is merely logging into Farmville to water virtual soy beans.  Do they even realize that their music is sampled detritus from Boomers glory days or Generation X's brief moment before the ragnarok of the free culture net?  Do they really think they are original while wearing big hair and skinny acid wash jeans?

This war between the generations is a tired meme from pundits looking to draw a paycheck.  I see us all as people of disparate ages who are thought of as millstones to the Ayn Randian, Free Culture, Free Trade ways of late.

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