The Wraith Within

I almost never pay attention to my dreams.  Most times they are merely amusing psychotic play shows that my brain cooks up when my higher brain functions are turned off for the night.  I remember once my grandmother stated that she loved to sleep and even more to dream.  That thought impressed me so much as a child that I decided to take the same attitude.

It was around that time that I discovered that I could lucid dream for a bit every once in awhile.  But I never looked into that aspect of dreaming or attempted to control it.  Lucidity in dreams is just one of those crazy things that pop up once in awhile and it was best just to go with the flow.

Then sometimes, lucid dreams brings out something a little more disturbing.

The other night I was dreaming that I was in some kind of theme park with a castle.  At the time I was thinking I was at Disney World.  But the castle wasn't the happy pastel colored castle at Disney.  It was dark.  At one point I noticed a some kind of black picture hanging on a wall.

So I walked over to get a closer look at it.  Inside the picture was a woman, dressed in white.  She was tall and thin.  Her hair was black.  She seemed to me to be some kind of fairy or like an elf in the old tales (not a Tolkein elf).  I thought the picture was amazingly beautiful if more than a bit strange.  Until I felt something shift inside me and I realized the black picture was a mirror surface.  In that strange, obsidian mirror was not a portrait but a reflection.  And that was when the dream went weird.  What I thought was strangely lovely turned horrific.  I looked deeper and the woman reflecting back at me had eyes blacker than her hair.  She became kind of ghostly.  Then she started to smile.  I felt a scream wanting to escape and then I, relievedly, woke up.

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