8 Minutes to get a Gimmick

Source Code....

Oh My, Why oh Why?

I rented this on pay per view because I've read so many raves about it.  That should have been a warning to me.

Was it amusing?  Yes, very amusing.  If you didn't expend a lot mental energy trying to understand it.  Because there is nothing to understand.

All this movie was, was a gimmick.  The lead had a gimmick that allowed him to travel back into time or memory.  There he relived something kind of like real life.  If you would consider anything in a Hollywood film close to real life.

All the prerequisite male fantasies were present and accounted for...the super hero like powers, the bland beautiful ingenue, the understanding beautiful woman and the dastardly villain.  Along with a plastic crowd.  Now the gimmick itself, was rather intriguing.  It had a little nightmare/fairy tale kind of factor to it that the film could have played up if it had anything up it's sleeve other than being just a gimmick.  For a minute there, it looked as if it was going to go into Altered States territory.  But that would have been too deep and would have ruined the wish fulfillment ending.  We can't have anything intriguing happen now, can we?

There really isn't anything else to say about this film, except that it only has a value of one showing.  Once you know the gimmick, there is no value to it afterwards.  It doesn't grow into anything else.  It doesn't explore questions about the legality or morality of Source Code.  It doesn't even explore whether or not what is being experienced is a full on hallucination in a dying brain.  Its a straight, all cards on the table bore.  But a good looking bore.

You know what would have made this better?  If instead of a terrorist attack, Jake Gyllenhaal had to go back and relive this scene from Gypsy...over and over and over.  Because this scene explains Source Code to a T.

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