Connecting the Dots

There was a story listed recently on the Huffington Post website regarding number sense.  Researchers created a simple test that determines acuity in mathematics.  The subject of mathematical ability has always fascinated me mainly because I was born without it.  Or at the very least, had an impediment in regards to math.

When I remember way back into my school years, the concepts of math were always clear.  But when it came time to actual practice, I was flummoxed.  Math always made me hyper aware of how much static was in my brain.  I never looked at mathematics as absolute, I was always trying to fill it with possibilities.  The closest likeness to my math experience would be like playing chess.  Yes, I viewed a math answer as one in many numerous possible answers.  How I came to this erroneous end, I don't know.  What is even more bizarre was that I could explain math problems to other students but could not complete them on my own.  Somehow I always muddled through but was never, ever at the top of the class.

Anyway, the test written about in Huffington was called Panamath.  You can find the website for it, HERE

The full test is available for all to complete, the results are added into a database for the perusal of researchers.

My results?

Basically my accuracy was average for my age and in some spots a little above.  But my response time was decidedly very below average.  Which proves to me again, that I still look at math through a lot of static in the brain.

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