Pricey and Intense

I received a prissy email from Disney World stating that they are looking into their animal problem.  Although if they were paying attention to the details, their animal problem wouldn't have gotten so dire.  Whatever.

I was amazed by the inflation at the parks (Universal included).  The prices for food and souvenirs reached ridiculous levels, such as almost 10 dollars for a hamburger and fries or a regular t-shirt for 29 dollars.  One employee at Disney told us that it was due to people sneaking in their own food to the parks.  That explanation was extremely laughable.  The inflation has everything to do with Free Trade draining jobs out of the US contributing to the rapidly declining value of the dollar (it is also artificially killed with Zero Interest to make exports cheaper).  The sticker shock at the parks indicate that the skullduggery the elites are playing at with Free Trade/ZIRP is now failing and inflation is taking flight.  They can hide it now on the little luxuries (such as trips to Disney or Universal) but when it truly hits food and gas, the unrest will begin in the US.

As a result of the poor dollar values, I noticed that the majority of visitors to the parks were foreigners.  At this point, the exchange rate between the Euro and the Dollar is in their favor.  They are the recipients of countries that experience no tariffs on their imports to the US.  Their lifestyle depends on jobs draining out of the US via Free Trade and the US borders being open to tariff free imports.  When the US goes belly up they will feel the pain when their main meal tickets shrivels up and dies.  I highly doubt China will extend the same deal to them.  The Euro holds value right now because it is bankrolled by the level-headed Germans.  History tells us that Germans don't stay level-headed for very long when they go broke.  Do the elites think for one second that these people will bankroll numerous bankrupt countries?  Without bloodshed?  Hope springs eternal, I guess.  This isn't even taking account of the French who like to pull out guillotines against the elite when things go south.

We are all balancing on the needle it seems, as the fat rich cats try to squeeze themselves though the eye into paradise.

Anyway I had a strange interlude with some of these overseas visitors.  I was standing with my cousin at Universal's Islands of Adventure.  We were waiting for our family group to regroup after food and bathroom breaks.  Both of us were wet and shivering due to riding twice on the Jurassic Park water ride.  Two young Italian men stood very close to me and asked if they could borrow my park map.  I was a bit surprised by their proximity and meekly handed over my map.  They both studied the map and muttered to each other in Italian.  I babbled ridiculously telling them that they could take the map since I no longer needed it.  That only garnered intense stares from them both.  The whole situation was rather comical.  My cousin was looking was perplexed, I shuffled nervously and tried to ignore their intense looks.  Flirting or defusing awkward situations are not among my strong suits.  Another family member showed up at our meeting spot.  She took one look at the map seekers and loudly asked who our friends were.  I just gave a nervous laugh and shrugged.  This led to another round of intense, wordless stares.  The two men seemed rather young, somewhere in their twenties.  But I always thought it was hard to tell the real ages of European men.  Most are self-possessed, sophisticated and well-dressed at very young ages in comparison to American men.  Which makes them seem older as young men and young as older men.  The two in questions were handsome and very confident of the fact.  Despite being intense, they weren't creepy. I chalked it all down to cultural differences.  I wondered how my fellow Italian females would handle the situation.  They could probably laugh it off and send the two on their way.  But I'm just a big goofball and a failure at sending anyone on their way.  Eventually the two moved on after staring a bit more.

It became one of our funny stories for the trip as a whole.

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