You weren't a child of the 70's if you didn't remember being scared out of your wits by this television ad.  It was always put on during the most popular television hours too, you know, during children's most favorite TV shows....Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Charlie's Angels, Three's Company, Love Boat, and Fantasy Island.  I think even during Little House on the Prairie.  Prime time was a time for terror for little ones way back in the 70's.

Supposedly NY parents complained so much that it was taken off the air.  But I was a NY kid back then and I remember seeing it multiple times.

The film itself isn't a Chucky experience.  It is more like The Shining, a man's descent into mental illness.  Not as creepy as its promo but still enough to give me nightmares as well when I saw it a few years later.

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