An interesting Disney update...

Last summer I visited Disney World with my family.

I thoroughly enjoyed EPCOT but I was distressed to discover that the local Magic Kingdom wildlife was suffering from some kind of mange disorder.  I informed the customer service desk at Main Street about the problem.  After my trip, I wrote an email to the customer service department listed on Disney's website.

I was surprised to receive a rather snippy reply from a Disney representative.  This representative claimed that mange was not dangerous to human beings.  Which it isn't.  But it sure as hell doesn't look good to park guests.  Especially in areas where they are eating.  After that strange reply, I dropped the matter.  Disney World is its own city so complaining to Orlando health department would not do a damn thing.

Just recently, while perusing a Disney park fan site, I discovered that the eatery which was overrun with sick animals had been closed for the past few weeks.  It reopened just last week with a new menu.

I seriously hope this place was closed due to the sick animal life (mange is not life threatening to animals but it is discomforting) and the fact that they were trying to help them.  I've read on various sites that treating mange in squirrels takes about 3 to 6 weeks of monitoring and feeding them with medicated food.  Just the same amount of time that this food kiosk was closed.

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