The Perversity of Itunes Shuffle

It took forever to get home from work today.  So while hanging out in city traffic, I put my Itunes on shuffle and listened to some music.

In the process I encountered one of the most perverse examples of shuffle ever.

The song that played first was Carole King's It's Too Late.  And while I was sitting listening to this blast from the past, I couldn't help thinking what an utter ASSHAT King comes across as in this song.

She is a woman "in love".  But according to her words she suddenly decides she isn't in love while just lying in bed trying to oversleep the morning away.  WHAT?

Then she throws this bone that maybe she isn't really being a fuckwit.  She states that her lover changed towards her and now looks unhappy and she really doesn't know why.  So maybe her lover is the one who started "changing" first.  Could be?  Right?

But no, the chorus puts all that probable sympathy for her out the door.  Because King states a number of times that "It's too late"!  Her love feelings just died.  There you go. Goodbye.  They tried to make it.  Really?  When she states a number of times that it's too late?  It looks as if the late came before her lover really knew what the hell was happening.

The song comes across as this woman who just woke up one morning and decided on a whim that she just didn't feel the love anymore and was going to make a break for it.

Then to top it off she throws out this bon mot "I'm glad for what we had and how I once loved you."

FUCK YOU woman!  What an asshole!  The whole feeling behind the song is just horrible.  And I would feel the same way if the song was sung by a man.  Even if it was sung by a parrot.

After being shocked by the callousness of a favorite song from my childhood.  Itunes decided to pull out the perfect answer to Carole's late realization....

WhiteSnake warbled pathetically Is this Love?

Obviously not.  But I had to laugh all the same.  Don't you go changing iTunes.

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