A few more thoughts on exercise...

I've thought a lot about my last post regarding exercise.  And I didn't want to give the wrong impression regarding weight lifting.

Let me say this, weight lifting works diet miracles.  I lost a lot of unneeded pounds when I lifted hand weights.  While weight lifting I didn't sustain injuries to my joints nor did the program upset my knees.  The only problem I had with weight lifting was particular to my body, it made me a bit bulky.  That bulk problem most likely will not affect everyone who lifts weights.  And indeed you can see many exercise blogs and vlogs  of women who enjoy lifting weights who are not in the least bit bulky.  So don't let my experience be discouraging.

Weight lifting as a strength program is fun and never boring.  Which is why I did lift weights for so long.  It will help you lose weight.  The most important part of an exercise program is to find a Dvd, book, studio or trainer with an exercise program that you enjoy.  A program that you can stick with and not dread.  If weight lifting is that program for you, than enjoy it.

That being said, the following books contained the programs I used while weight lifting.  Both were written by Joyce Vedral (weight lifting goddess).

The 12 Minute Total-Body Workout

Most of Vedral's books seem to be out of print.  But I noticed many have been moved over to kindle format, which is convenient.

What can I say about the 12 minute?  Vedral found the perfect weight lifting solution to busy or just plain lazy people who want to undertake a weight lifting regimen.  This program is really 12 minutes per day.  Vedral lays out each exercise set for each day of the week in easy to understand instructions/illustrations.  She gives full explanations on how the exercises tone up the muscles they target.  Her book also gives quick and easy diet tips.  It's simply a fantastic book.

This book can be a stand alone weight lifting program interspersed with other types of exercise programs.

But if this gets you excited on weight lifting than you can move on to Vedral's tougher programs.

And I used

Bottoms Up!

This is a more involved and tougher program that focuses more on the legs, stomach and backside.  But don't think that the upper body is neglected!  Not at all.  This is a complete program but one that gives just a bit more to the lower half that most women want to tone up the quickest.

This program focuses on weight lifting in a pyramid system which entails switching between different hand weights (lighter or heavier) and varying the number of sets.  This is the key why it works so well.  But it is more advanced, so I would suggest starting with a basic weight program before moving into this one.

Aerobic Programs

Most of these programs I abhor.  Aerobic dance programs were always the ones I dreaded and I forced myself to complete them at least 3x a week.  Not only that 90% of them annoyed my knee problem.  The only one that I did not hate and I even pull out for the fun of it lately is...

Step Reebok: The Video

This was the only aerobic program I could stand.  But now I use it sparingly because of my knees.  Most times I do the steps while standing in place and not using my step equipment.  But all in all, it does get the heart pumping.  Gin Miller is very good at giving directions and making the step patterns clear.

You can purchase this old program on Miller's website at ginmiller.com.  She also sells a number of her other step video including the others she designed for Reebok.

So those are the last of the programs I have used for the past and I recommend them.  But if they don't take your fancy, keep searching.  You are bound to find something you will enjoy and stick to and get healthy.

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