Cool Color

I haven't made a blog entry in a long, long time.  In my to do list is a little essay on Kubrick's The Shining which I'm more than halfway finished, but can't get the energy to complete.

Anyway, the above colors I've listed are my personality.  I found a link to a charming little website about design and color from my SL blogs.  You can get your own personality color chart HERE at The Perfect Palette.

The little descriptions are rather accurate.  Which surprised me.  Although I claim to like bold colors,  I've been a pastel fan since I was a child.  I was the kid who had to have a whole room painted pink.  A light pink, mind you, not that abysmal pink they use in prison isolation tanks.

So...I need space?  Yes

Deep Thinker?  I guess so, although I wouldn't peg my deep thoughts as really intelligent.  Most times you can hear the wind whistling in between my ears.

Intolerant of failure?  Unfortunately yes.  It is a fault I struggle with daily.  I have to learn to be less judgmental of people.

A flirt?  I don't consider myself a flirt.  But maybe.  I just get into moods sometimes where I need to see people laugh and smile.  But I never considered it flirting.  Maybe it is.

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