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It has been almost a year since I wrote my exercise posts.  Since then I've still been exercising off and on depending on my schedule.  The exercising is also dependent on my motivation which is low because I honestly labeled myself a lazy person.  The most important element I've found with exercise is to not fall into a depressive funk.  It is so easy to miss a few exercise plans, become depressed and throw in the towel.

Have I lost loads of weight due to exercise?  No.  This is mainly because I refuse to starve myself.  I've been there, done that when I was very young.  I lost loads of weight and was an extremely angry person due to ever present hunger pangs.  On the flip side, due to stomach problems, I lost loads of weight with absolutely no effort whatsoever.  That was a scary experience and hammered in the fact that fat is not an inert, superfluous matter on the body.  It is the body's go to coping mechanism when you are feeling ill.  While I struggled with acid reflux, my body turned off hunger and fired up the fat cells.  I am eternally grateful that I had an extra 20-30 pounds of reprieve for my body.  I shudder to think what would have happened if I had no extra fat stores.  Now that I have recovered, I regained some of the weight that my body ate for fuel/recovery.  But due to that runaway weight loss, I realized something can't change your shape.

Because we are inundated with specific ideal shapes and weight in the media, it makes all of us lose sight of our own reality.  Losing weight isn't going to make one a taller, longer ectomorph body type.  But that is what we are truly wishing would happen.  When my body shed the sick weight, I was amazed to see someone with a thinner face, arms and legs but a frame that remained unchanged.  I'm a short, broad shouldered woman with short limbs.  No matter how thin I get, that will always be the case.  In that past, I didn't see this fact and would get extremely frustrated when weight loss would not change my body type.  And I think many women and men share this frustration.

The point is everyone must acknowledge this plain truth and work with it.  Look at your shape in the mirror.  Really look.  Then watch models, actors and exercise mavens and find the ones who have your same body type.  They will represent reality based goals to work toward.  Because no matter how much you diet and exercise, if you are a shorter person, a thinner you will not give you the body line of  a taller model.

So with that, these are the models that I could realistically aspire toward.

If I wanted to be a body builder, I share Joyce Vedral's body type.  Although I didn't know it years ago, that was the reason why I loved her weight lifting books.

If I wanted to be dancer shaped, as much as I would love to have Mary Helen Bowers body, I would look more like her colleague Yukiko.

And finally, if I wanted to be an all around normal fit looking person, I would look more like Katrina of the Tone it Up program.

Do you see that these women all share the same body features?  Obviously they are all small.  Their shoulders are broad.  Their limbs are shorter and their torsos are long.  But they all look wonderful.  When I work out, I keep their shapes in mind.  Because if I kept the wrong shape in mind, if I kept aspiring toward Mary Helen Bowers from BB or Karena in Tone it Up, there would be nothing but disappointment for me.  Because weight loss and exercising would never allow me to look like either of them.  I would lose sight of the best I could be while becoming depressed over who I was not.

So find role models who fit your type and be realistically inspired.

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