A Physique 57 Challenge

I've had the Physique57 video series for almost a year now.  Besides using the videos here and there interspersed with my other programs, I've never done a full out program of it.

As I stated previously, I was leery of doing only P57 workouts because the stretch segment was extremely short and this could lead to bulk.  I was also not a fan of the extended arm and back series exercises since it could accentuate my already broad back.  But I decided I needed to do an extended investigation of it to see if my fears were justified.


They were not.  I took a two week challenge of P57.  I used the monthly challenge recommendations that were listed on P57's blog.  Although I didn't purchase their online workouts, on alternate days I did my own aerobic videos.

Now I have to warn interested exercise fans, the P57 challenge really is a challenge.  The program of exercises includes 6 days (1 rest day) with varying levels of intensity depending on the dvd programs you are using.  It isn't a program that I could keep up with for more than 2 weeks because it does require a lot of time and planning.  Towards the end of my two weeks, I was winding down and it felt as though I was undertaking a chore.  But that is okay.  Because this challenge (whether you do 2 weeks or 4) is exactly an optional challenge.  It is a way to jump start your fitness and achieving goals that would take you more than a month to achieve on a relaxed schedule.

Does P57 do what it promises?  Yes, it certainly does.  I noticed muscle tone and increased flexibility within just 4 days.  My legs and arms showed more visible changes than my abdomen area.  But that is to be expected.  But I've noticed the shape of my hips changing and the sides of my waist slimming down.  I'm sure if I continued for another two weeks, the majority of changes would be to my mid section.  Favorably, I've experienced no bulk whatsoever.  But since my knees are a little weak, I did have to take care in stretching.  This usually meant that I paused the DVD and took an extra few minutes with thigh stretches.  Also I've experienced no debilitating soreness while undertaking this challenge.   A little stiffness and slight soreness on occasion?  Yes, but not to the point where I felt I could not walk.  However I have to say that I've been using Lotte Berk based workouts for awhile now, so my muscles were acclimated to the kind of work P57 presents.  If you go into this challenge program from cold turkey, expect to be very, very sore.

I would certainly take this challenge again every once in awhile to see good results.  I also certainly recommend the Physique 57 series.

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