Breakfast and Horror

In the mornings, I'm far too groggy to begin thinking about cooking breakfast.  But it is my favorite meal of the day and the one time I can eat larger portions without worrying about stomach issues.  So as soon as I hit the city, I go to my favorite breakfast buffet.

Usually I'm too famished and enamored of my food choices to notice the music playing over the sound system.

But Lately...Oh boy.

I do remember that they used to play a rather nice Bossa Nova mix in the mornings.  But now, now they play 80's and early 90's era love songs.  One song after another of mewling lovesick cows braying over lost loves.

Finally when "Don't you (Forget About Me)" started playing, I felt as though I were losing my mind.  It occurred to me that this strange change of music in the mornings could be directed at some customer who comes regularly to the establishment.  Maybe some form of hidden communication between two love birds. Whatever the deal is, I wish they would stop torturing the rest of the customers.  I swear this music mix must have been created at Guantanamo Bay.

My heartbeat was racing and I felt a little panic attack forming.  My food, which had given me such joy, now looked nauseating.

Rain Keeps Falling, Rain Keeps Falling

Rather than start screaming in little fits, I pulled my old Ipod from my bag.  I jammed the ear bud speakers into my ears and frantically searched for an antidote to Simple Minds.

I hit upon good old Johann Sebastian Bach and his Complete Harpsichord Concertos album, pressed play for Concerto No 1. in D minor.

Sweet Relief!

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