10 Hours of Callanetics

After the manic mania of the Physique 57 challenge, I wanted something that wasn't so intense. I did love Callanetics when I was a teen when this exercise method was all the rage.  But I don't remember what kind of shape it gave me.  It couldn't have been bad if I liked the program. So I decided to go back to my original 1987 Callanetics Dvd to check if the 10 years in 10 hours had any validity.

So does it work?  Yes and No.

I will say this, this program reshapes the body.  You can actually see it reshaping your body.  The slightly cut look I had in my legs and arms from P57 was immediately erased by Callanetics.  This wasn't due to any loss of muscle mass but the fact that Callanetics really concentrates on stretching.  The time it takes you to see changes will vary from person to person, but I guarantee you will have beautiful legs in at least 3 to 4 classes.

Unfortunately it won't dramatically change the shape of your gut and hips.  Will it smooth out those areas? Yes.  But to see any huge changes, you will have to do plenty more sessions than just 10 and you will need to combine the program with a diet.  In her book, founder Callan Pinckney included photos of a plus size model who completely changed her shape without diet and without losing weight.  But she didn't state how long these changes took place.  From my experience after 10 classes, I would say without dieting, the changes you want will take at least 3 to 6 months of steady Callanetics sessions.

I also have a note of warning.  Because this program works fast and changes your shape quickly, you will notice oddities.  You will notice little pockets of fat popping out in areas where you never had fat before in your life.  Don't panic, it will smooth out after a few more classes.  Because your muscles are toning fast, it pushes the lighter fat tissue out of the way.  As you work the fat will redistribute and resettle in a more pleasing way.

Another note of warning for this program.  This program will not give you cut muscles.  You will not get a six pack or sinewy arms from this program.  It will give you muscle but your shape will be refined.

This program is wonderful and it is extremely easy on the knees and back.  The only drawback I think it would have for some is that it is very slow.  There are no pulsing music beats and Callan Pinckney has a very melodious and calming voice.  It could bore some exercisers.

I definitely plan to use this program for 10 more sessions in order to see what changes occur after 20 classes.  If the pictures in Callan's book are true, after 20 is when the real magic begins.

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