My movie collection is bizarre.  I'll say it here and now.  I don't try to be high brow and track down all the important films with a message.  My collection is a wacky mix of love stories and violent action films, you know, Persuasion and RIDDICK!

Even so, I was hesitant about Austenland.  I liked the premise.  But Hollywood is so about the premise and then neglecting to give a story.  But this film was really sweet and goofy.  Nothing really outrageous happens, it has some great campy acting (from Jane Seymour and Jennifer Coolidge) and there is a happy ending.  It also skewers Jane Austen fans, Austen's books and Austen film adaptations really well.

BUT the best out of it all was the video included at the ending credits.  You haven't lived until you see Austen people dance to "Hot in Here".

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