Out of the Past

I was wandering around the web, when I got into a kick about NYCB history and Gelsey Kirkland.  That was when I stumbled upon these pics.  They were old promotional photos about the Kirkland baby ballerina sisters at NYCB circa 1970.  BUY them HERE!  There are even a few of Balanchine posing with them.

Its been awhile since I've read Gelsey Kirkland's autobiography, at the time I think Balanchine was trying to sell them as a sister act (to the annoyance of both sisters).  This is just before Gelsey exploded into superstardom.

On a darker note, I can't believe how much Gkirk messed with her face.  These photos were also before she began experimenting with numerous plastic surgery procedures.  She was just barely 16 at the time and pushed into adulthood way too fast.  Its saddening that there were no adults to help her out during that difficult time.

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