The Silkworm - JK Rowling

I just finished the latest crime series novel by JK Rowling.


The woman continues to show her ability to write a good plot hook AND fill the book with her own twisted morality.

This is why I refuse to give the woman monetary support by buying her novels (I only read library copies or borrow from friends) and her other book merchandise tie-ins.

Her latest post Harry Potter character, Cormoran Strike, is very interesting if a bit of a paper doll. Ever eager to toady to the latest politically correct cause, Rowling has made her new hero a war veteran.  He even lost his leg in action.  Despite making a big deal how scarred her character is due to his war experiences, the Strike books (both this novel and the previous The Cuckoo's Calling) NEVER make any comment on Afghanistan/Iraq wars.  Strike never has an opinion on the validity of the wars.  He never has an opinion on the politicians who are war hawks.  His war experience only comes up to extort sympathy from the reader.  Rowling plays the "Lets Support the Troops!" card but is too cowardly or craven to take a stand for or against wars against Muslims.

Her female characters are also wildly off kilter.  The lead female, Strike's assistant Robin, is very smart and resourceful.  She is woefully saddled with a pill of a fiance.  But she has a fiance and that is important!  Robin is surrounded by broken female characters who are suffering from hysteria mostly due to having no strong male husbands or boyfriends.  Rowling has Strike call one major character limited simply because she never married, had children or had numerous lovers.  This character is also portrayed as manly and unattractive.  Of course ugly people don't have sex and therefore suffer hysteria and major psychotic breaks from it!  It doesn't matter that said character had developed her own business and a place in high society strata.  In Rowling's world lack of penis in vagina makes you limited.  The woman is positively victorian in her outlook.

But she is good in planning a story and a hook.  The mystery story line kept me guessing and the clues were very nicely placed.  Rowling is also an ace at the misdirect ploy.

I just wish she would come out of the conservative closet and be what she is not pretend to be liberal. I could respect her more that way.

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