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The past year since I wrote a few posts about my exercise plans, things became a little crazy for me.

Since I'm getting older, and not younger, I noticed that I've had to make diet changes.  I've always had allergies since I was a child but lately they have been making a more aggressive appearance. This led to a massive reinvention in my eating habits.  I had to give up soda, juice, fast food, and prepared foods.  Basically I have had to eat as clean as possible.  However, I didn't turn this into a dieting plan. I didn't stop eating cake and cookies.  But when I did want cake and cookies, I made it myself.  I think I've spent a small fortune in flour, sugar and eggs.  My sweet tooth will not be denied!

Despite not being on a diet, I was amazed to watch 10 pounds melt off my frame without a problem and without hunger.  Maybe there is something to the stories about preservatives and additives causing people to gain or hold weight.  That being said, the change in diet wasn't easy.  It is hard watching people enjoy a little junk food knowing that I need to avoid it.  But I've become philosophical about it all.  In the grand scheme of things, not eating Doritos again is no big sacrifice. And as the months go by I miss them less and less.  The same could be said for Mcdonalds, Wendy's, Applebies and other fast food places. 

Since my first 10 in 10 Callanetics post, I've been working out sporadically.  Just enough to keep myself from becoming creaky again but not enough to make a world of difference shape wise.  But since my last round of weight loss, I noticed that things were just looking droopy.  It was depressing.  So I decided to do the Callanetics 10 in 10 again to see if it could make a quick difference.

Yes, it did make a difference even more than the last time.  My arms were affected the most, that soft part under the arms is almost completely gone.  I have nice definition now in my arms but without bulky muscle.  As before I saw the first changes in my legs, I'm not sure if others have the same experience, but the program shows the most initial changes in the legs.  In my last 10 in 10, I didn't see too much difference in my backside, hips and tummy.  At the time they looked more compact but there were no major changes.  This time, with less weight, the changes were amazing.  I lost one clothing size without losing more weight.  The love handles I have are disappearing.  My stomach is flatter and the hip bones are starting to appear.  I've noticed that I have less back pain as my stomach muscles are now stronger and lending more support to my frame.  All in all I'm extremely happy with the changes Callanetics has given me.  I'm never going to be a string bean, but being comfortable in my own body is something worth working toward.

After my 10 hours, I decided to take a look at a more modern version of Callanetics.  Callanetics Evolution was developed by Callan Pinckney with assistance of instructors trained in her original method.  The program is a mix of more intense exercises along with old favorites from the original program.  The first thing I noticed about the Evolution program was that it was tougher, a lot tougher than the original.  Although the program instructors state that they show variations for a beginner, the beginner in this program is still advanced in my opinion.  Hence I wouldn't recommend this video to people just starting out in Callanetics.  If you are a true beginner, get the old DVD led by Callan herself.  It is best to start this video after you've completed at least 10 hours of the original program.

One of the reasons why I think it is tougher is because it relies more on the Lotte Berk original inspiration exercises.  Pinckney was a student of Berk until she broke away and redesigned Berk's program for people with weak backs.  However the Lotte is back in Callanetics Evolution and without too many changes.  I've done Berk's unaltered program and her exercises are true muscle burners.  The standing leg exercises with leg pulses in this DVD are pure Lotte.  They burn.  You will feel a bit weak after them.  The stretching in this version of the program is not as absolute as in Callan's original program.  So there will be muscle soreness after completion.  But don't be discouraged by this news. Technically this program works faster than the original.  I noticed an immediate change in my backside and thighs.  So this program is worthy.  It is just not the same as the original.

I've decided to interchange between them for the next 10 classes.  By the end of October, once I complete my 20, I will give some more updates.

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