I'm in the mood and lets never stop!

Anne Taintor

The sick puppy who programs the music at my favorite morning breakfast spot is at it again.  This time not so boldly.  Obviously they received complaints about the 80's era love fest mix and Cupid's wings were clipped.

But now...now its much more on the down low...if you could call it that.

Whatever happened to that nice Bossa Nova album they used to play with one of the selections being the benign Girl from Ipanema?

Now the current track begins with I'm in the mood for love sung by some Spanish crooner.  This song is completely ruined as a love song for me.  Because it makes me immediately flash back to childhood, running home from school in order to catch The Little Rascals on the tube.  It was Alfalfa's calling card. Yep, those were the days.

After this selection, the mix immediately segues into Let's Never Stop Falling in Love.

And I begin to silently curse the demon who chose the music that starts the day in this cafeteria.

Luckily that is as far as the evil progresses because the love songs end.  Its the small favors that are the most cherished.

But please let whoever is programming the music to stop...please stop falling for the sake of my sanity.

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