Close to You - The Carpenters

A news article about one of the Carpenters songs took me to Carpenters Youtube hell.

Not that I was complaining.  It gave me a laugh about the past.  The Carpenters were one of the top bands that ruled the early to mid 70's.  I don't remember feeling one way or the other about them, they were just one of those things always playing on the radio.

The only song my baby self really loathed was "Sing".  I hated it with a passion all my baby self could muster in my under 3 feet tall self.  Whatever caused this hatred is unknown to me.  But I vaguely remember feeling very patronized by the song.

On a macabre note, in the video it looks as if Karen Carpenter was already beginning her torturous battle with Anorexia.  I have a suspicion the big hairdo was to cover up how pitifully thin her face was at the time.

But what was up with Karen's Heidi get up?  My present self is flabbergasted but my past baby self is saying..."Dang, I need to get me one of those outfits!"


This is an earlier TV recording of the song.  Karen Carpenter still looks about normal weight and the video showcases the fact that she was also the band's drummer.

I wonder how much of her self image problems being in the spotlight were due to her being forced into the sweetheart idol role and not the musician/vocalist she prided herself on being.  So sad, what a difference between both of these videos.

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