One week of T-Tapp

I finished my first week with T-Tapp last Friday.  My feelings contained surprise, disappointment and satisfaction.

Surprise  - As in I was amazed that only 15 minutes of targeted aerobic movement gave me a good workout.

Disappointment - In that I only lost an inch in a few places mainly my trunk (inch loss on pecs, chest, ribs, abdomen - waist and hips stayed the same).  Some people lose much more in their first week.  But I suppose this is due to everyone's body being different.

Satisfaction - Losing 1 inch on my tummy is nothing to be disappointed in for long.

The exercises really concentrate on putting the body into alignment with focus on isometric work while adding aerobic movement.  This program will not hurt your legs or back.  In fact the alignment work will relieve pressure on both areas.  But you do have to be extremely mindful on form.  This is one of those exercise programs in which if you don't pay attention or slack off it won't give you a work out.  Because form is so important, you will need to complete the instructional workout at least 3 or 4 times in order to understand the exercises and their proper form.  Only then should you move on to the 15 minute workout called Basic Plus.  The Basic Plus program is without instruction and close to regular tempo.  The basic plus video kit does include the tempo version of the workout, it is quite fast and would be confusing and too rigorous for a beginner.  So stick with instructional and the regular version for as long as you can.  If you are a regular follower of Lotte Berk and her method's various off shoots, you will take to this program like a duck to water.  Tapp has a lot of the same concepts in her workout.

Teresa Tapp encourages all new exercisers to her program to complete her bootcamp with no other exercise programs included.  Mainly she wants to prove that T-Tapp is a good workout and will give everyone inch loss.  The bootcamp can be either the 15 minute basic plus workout or her hour long Total workout completed every day for 4 to 14 days (depending on how much you need to lose).  Since I'm within the last 10 pound loss, I decided to choose the 2 clothing size loss bootcamp.  Therefore my initial bootcamp was the basic plus program every day for 7 days.  Now, for the next 2 weeks I will be completing the workout every other day.

So far I'm a happy customer which is good because the videos are not cheap.  Also the videos themselves are extremely low-fi about on par with the first Callanetics.  The people exercising along with Teresa Tapp are regular people at various stages in their inch loss plan.  Quite a few of them are in amazing shape (including Tapp who has a gorgeous figure).  The program has no music to annoy or distract you while you exercise.

One element that I appreciate and cannot applaud enough is Tapp's explanation of body anatomy.  She describes 3 body types: Long Torso, Short Torso and Combo.  This is extremely important because she will explain WHY you may not be able to look like her (she has a Long torso figure) at your healthiest and WHY you should not be disappointed by this fact.  Long torso bodies (measuring 4 inches or more between ribs and hip bones) will develop beautiful waists and lithe, graceful backs.  Short Torso bodies (3 inches or less between ribs and hip bones) will always be thick at the waist but develop long, lean beautiful legs.  Combos (Even measurements all around) will develop the most balanced looking figures.

Example link:

Basically Tapp stresses looking good for your body type and not whatever type your neighbor or friend is or whatever is fashionable at the moment.

According to my experience so far I would recommend T-Tapp.  I will be giving updates in the next few weeks as the program plays out.

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