Bootleg Kirkland - Fille Mal Gardee

Way back in the dark ages, there were no video capable mobile devices.  The only way an obsessed ballet fan could capture their favorite performer was by a big, clunky camera (8mm  etc).  Somehow, someway there were fans who managed to sneak past security and get clips of their favorites.

A few of Gelsey Kirkland have turned up here and there on Youtube.  Above is a film of her dancing Fille Mal Gardee.  It is a bit blurry, definitely not HiDef, completely silent except for the music added onto the clip.  But it captures the magic of Kirkland's dancing even if only for a few minutes.  No one danced like her and they still don't...not even the Russians.  She was no-nonsense Balanchine technician married to the most romantic and purest classical style.  You can see that her focus is all about presenting the choreography and the ballet in the best possible light.  There is no grandstanding or turning the dancing into a ME,ME,ME show of athleticism.

All of that talent came with a price.  But I'm glad she thought enough of us, the audience, that we deserved the best she had to give even if it meant baring every part of her soul.

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