Stella Abrera as Giselle

I saw this beautiful excerpt from Giselle via Haglund's Heel blog.

This was part of a webcast of a lecture/interview of people from ABT.

I've never seen Abrera dance (but hopefully this will change when I see her Cinderella early this summer), but I've heard so much about her.  She is incredibly beautiful both in dance technique and body type.  She is just perfection all around.

Of course, she hasn't been promoted to Principal yet and I wonder if she ever will ABT.  Perhaps it is time for her to go to another company who will appreciate her talent.  I think any number of American, European and even Russian companies who would be ecstatic to have Stella on their cast list.

Reportedly the AD was in the audience during this performance.  So hopefully the audience's ovation will make an impression.  Plus the wonderful notices Abrera is receiving in her guest appearances will inspire as well.  I mean, there is no development cost to her whatsoever.  She is so ready to step into any classical role on the ABT schedule.

I want to see her Giselle so badly.

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