T-Tapp Update

My exercise regimen went haywire around the holidays and I stopped exercising for awhile.  My body held for a month or two but then I started to gain.  So I halted the decline with 10 sessions of Callanetics.  But I felt a little bored and I decided that I didn't give the T-Tapp program my full attention.

So two weeks ago, I pulled out my T-Tapp Basic Workout DVD.  This time I decided to really concentrate on the instructional program rather than just jump into the regular Basic workout Plus Hoedowns.  Mainly I wanted to work into the program in a slower more comprehensive fashion.  This would allow me to develop more muscle memory in regards to form because form is extremely important in this, rather difficult, isometric exercise program.

I'm still amazed how exacting this tiny 15 minute exercise plan is on the body.  It seems a bit unreal that a few concentrated arm swings paired with a plie can get the heart rate pumping.  The slower instructional session caused me to really concentrate on the pelvic tuck along with keeping the legs in alignment.  I had no soreness for the first two sessions.  But at the end of the week, I noticed that suddenly I was extremely tired, a bit depressed with a low level migraine.  It also seemed that I was spending much of my time in the restroom as my body kept releasing waste.  I forced myself to keep doing the sessions even though I felt horrible.  I didn't have this problem when I did the program before the holidays.  So after some research, I discovered that my symptoms were quite commonplace and even a bit trivial.  Some people experience bad nausea, dizziness, colds, fevers, chills or allergy flare-ups.  This is due to the exercise specifically targeting the lymph system.  As you do the T-Tapp exercises, the twisting movements along with meticulous alignment allows the body's lymph system to work at a better rate.  The varying levels of sickness are a result of lymph system drainage.

Well, I can attest that this low feeling lasts just a few days after a week or two of the T-Tapp system.  I'm now on the third week of every other day T-Tapp, the sickness is just about gone.  I just took my measurements, but comparing them with a few months ago, I noticed a bit of gain around the mid section but everything else is the same.  Once the exercises are in my muscles and I can complete the Workout Plus program, I will move on to the full 45 minute program.

To tell the truth I don't expect big results in inches or weight.  I'm within the 10 to 20 pound weight loss ratio, the area when the body is loathe to give up any extra pounds.  So I fully expect my goal to be about 6 months away.  But its better to be interested in the process than focused on the result.  There is less disappointment that way.  I will be updating as the program unfolds.  I also plan to mix in a bit of Callanetics, Ballet Beautiful and Lotte Berk along the way to stave off boredom.

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