Bach Interpreted: Emery LeCrone

I decided to drop by the Joyce Theater site to look for upcoming performances.  Joyce has a lot of interesting modern ballet offerings.  This past winter I was thinking about purchasing a ticket to see the Alonzo King Lines ballet at their theater.  But time slipped away from me and I was unable to see that company.

This summer Joyce will be holding a Ballet Festival.  One project will feature NYCB dancer Ashley Bouder.  As I scrolled through future dates, a teaser photo for Emery LeCrone jumped out at me.  It was of a dance couple dressed in simple white set against a white background.  I read up on LeCrone and discovered that she is one of the few female choreographers working in ballet right now.

I found the source of the photo at the Guggenheim Works & Process site on Youtube.  LeCrone's ballet is lovely, more like chamber ballet.  I was struck how not fetishized the female performers were in the piece.  I also liked the romantic quality she gave to the male solo choreography.

This video, linked above, intrigued me enough to buy a ticket.  I'll be watching a new LeCrone ballet this August at the Joyce.

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