Jonathan Harker's Journal - The Castle - May 8th

I began to fear as I wrote in this book that I was getting too diffuse; but now I am glad that I went into detail from the first, for there is something so strange about this place and all in it that I cannot but feel uneasy. I wish I were safe out of it, or that I had never come. It may be that this strange night-existence is telling on me; but would that that were all! If there were any one to talk to I could bear it, but there is no one. I have only the Count to speak with, and he!—I fear I am myself the only living soul within the place. Let me be prosaic so far as facts can be; it will help me to bear up, and imagination must not run riot with me. If it does I am lost. Let me say at once how I stand—or seem to.

At last, Harker admits to fear.  But this isn't due to all the strange things he has been seeing so far.  He was unable to sleep, instead he got ready for the day.  While using a personal mirror to shave, he is startled by Dracula's voice.  He looks into his mirror but the reflected room does not reveal his host.  He turns and is startled to see the Count standing next to him.  He checks his mirror again but it shows an empty room.  During shock of this incident, Harker cuts himself with his razor.  This seems to bring out something beastly in Dracula, who lunges for his neck.  The crucifix given to Harker as protection stops him.  In his anger, Dracula destroys Harker's shaving mirror and leaves abruptly.  Harker has breakfast alone.  It is only today that he realizes that Dracula never eats.  After eating, he explores the castle and discovers it is a maze of locked doors.  This causes him to panic and he runs through the castle looking for any form of escape.  He notes that all the windows overlook deep gorges with rivers far below and vast vistas of forest.  Obviously he will not be able to jump out of a window.

After his panic frenzy, he collapses and begins to think about his situation.  He realizes that the Count has him trapped but for unknown reasons.  He hears his host moving about the castle and follows him.  He spies Dracula cleaning his room and setting the table for his meal.  Harker realizes that he is truly alone and locked inside the castle with Dracula.  This causes another wave of panic and he remembers his host's strange powers over the forest wolves.  He decides to not reveal his own knowledge of his imprisonment and watch Dracula.

Again, Harker ends this day sitting in the library with Dracula.  They discuss the history of the country and Dracula's people.

"Ah, young sir, the Szekelys—and the Dracula as their heart’s blood, their brains, and their swords—can boast a record that mushroom growths like the Hapsburgs and the Romanoffs can never reach. The warlike days are over. Blood is too precious a thing in these days of dishonourable peace; and the glories of the great races are as a tale that is told.”

When the sun begins to rise, both Dracula and Harker retire to bed.

Extra Fun:

Dracula claims kinship to the Szekely people.  Interestingly, his claim that his group were related to the Huns is quite truthful.  According to this site, Hungarian Genetics, a great many Szekeler people show genetic traces from central Asia.  However the genetic evidence shows predominent mixture from slavic/germanic people who also moved into the Hungarian/Romanian region.  Even so, the Szekeler are quite proud to claim kinship to Attila the Hun which, to them, proves their warrior nobility roots.

More information on the Szekeler HERE.

Despite using his title, Stoker's Dracula is not related to the historical Vlad Tepes.  Tepes hails from the noble House of Basarab which is of Turkish origin.  The title Dracula comes from an order for Knights, established by Emperor Sigismund, the Order of the Dragon.  It was later endorsed by the Holy Roman Emperor as an order to protect the Christian faith.  So, technically, anyone a member of the Dragon order could use the Dracul title.  But it seemed only Vlad Tepes II and his son Vlad Tepes III used it as a surname.

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