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Katy Bowman's website and her book "Move Your DNA" is invaluable to your life and exercise program.

She explains alignment in simple instructions that are easy to understand along with exercises that get to the heart of every body alignment problem.

On her website she gives a fantastic explanation of the tuck.  Her method is done on all fours taking the legs out of the equation so the practitioner is just concentrating on stomach muscles.

See her explanation HERE on her website.

In her photos you can see by example the correct tuck using only stomach muscles and the incorrect tuck using the spinal column.  Note how the tuck is not about making the spine straight or curled under.  It is about tightening the abdominal muscles in order to support your spine and allow it to relax.  Again, also note how she doesn't suck in her gut.

When you do these exercises at first it will be distressing because your stomach fat will stick out. You are working the stomach muscles underneath this layer not sucking it all in to hide it.  It may make you feel like walrus but as you work on form the fat shift will fade away.

I love Bowman's relaxed view on exercising.  She isn't against it.  But her philosophy is that we should constantly strive to be always in motion.  That we must incorporate beneficial movements into our every day lives.

As you can see by her shape, it is totally natural and lovely.  She isn't a hard body or too thin nor is she heavy.

You can purchase her book at Amazon:

She also sells DVDs on her websites with simple exercises to alleviate various aches and pains due to bad body alignment.

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