Witchlight - Marion Zimmer Bradley

I grabbed this book from the library on a whim mainly because the jacket blurb seemed interesting and I've heard good things about Zimmer Bradley but never read her books.

The premise of the book was good and the beginning was quite spooky as the heroine tried to piece together her ragged memories.  Bradley's writing was evocative here and it got into the "Am I crazy or is this really happening to me" area.  Her descriptions of a small town, lonely farmhouse and Preppy vanity college were well done.

Then it veered off into some kind of romance story plus a parapsychology investigation.  The parapsychology junk was then dropped because it was just filler after all and the reader is stuck with the romance.  If you could accept the love interest characterization and the factors behind the reunion, I guess it was a good book.  I, however, was a bit disappointed.  I didn't think the love story was that well crafted.  The heroine's breakdown was completely believable.  But I didn't think that her blaming all her actions on her family (cardboard cutout villains) was what a mature woman in her mid to late 30's would do.  I mean really there comes a point in everyone's life where we all have to say...my life is a bit screwed up and it is totally due to my own decisions.  Blaming mommy, daddy, sister or brother for all your woes in late middle age really isn't normal.  It's kind of borderline mentally disabled.

However if you can accept that and are a sucker for true love conquers all..this is the book for you. Even if this wasn't so great for me, I wouldn't avoid Bradley's books in the future.

Oh and I included a picture of the book cover because it stands as one of the biggest WTF covers I've ever seen.  The heroine is in her late 30's, almost nearing 40, yet they put a teenager on the cover? Granted the heroine discusses her younger years but only for a few paragraphs.  I suppose the publisher thought if they put a middle age woman on the cover, the book wouldn't sell.

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