I iz an inglish speeka

I can't stand when I hear easy words mispronounced.  I can't stand it when a bunch of illiterate idiots create a website supporting wrong pronunciation.

Recently there have been films of the Divergent  trilogy for pre-teens.  Obviously the series is trying to capitalize on the Hunger Games success.  The film portrayed the supposedly smartest characters in the books, called Erudites, mispronouncing the word of their group.

I swear to god, every time I heard these idiots mispronounce the word,  I wanted to tear my hair out. What is even more infuriating is that in most scenes, you could see the actors cringing over the mispronunciation.  WHO THE FUCK told them to pronounce it this way?

No matter what we think of the author, Veronica Roth is not the person to blame.

Here is a link to her website, dated May 28, 2012, in which she told her fans the correct way to pronounce Erudite.


The word can be pronounced two ways:

Air - You - dite


Air - Uh - dite

Not too hard right?

So where in FUCK did  AIR- EEE- YOU -DITE come from ?  Where ?  Where did that extra syllable appear?  It isn't in the fucking word!

Children, let us count and number the syllables!

Er - u - dite
1      2    3

However some idiot involved with these films had all the actors mispronounce the word.  And the actors did so (except for a few who clandestinely pronounced it correctly by mumbling) to their considerable embarrassment.

But wait a minute.  There is this online pronunciation help guide urging its readers to mispronounce the word!


DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.  It is wrong.  OMG.  No one in the USA or the UK adds an extra syllable to this simple word.

Every time I hear the mispronunciation...I'm hoping it is an old "In Living Color" skit of Oswald Bates.

Then I realize it isn't.  We truly are living a nightmare scenario in which some jackass with the IQ of 50 is advising actors in films to mispronounce words.  In children's films no less!

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