Jonathan Harker's Journal - June 29th

To-day is the date of my last letter, and the Count has taken steps to prove that it was genuine, for again I saw him leave the castle by the same window, and in my clothes. As he went down the wall, lizard fashion, I wished I had a gun or some lethal weapon, that I might destroy him; but I fear that no weapon wrought alone by man’s hand would have any effect on him. I dared not wait to see him return, for I feared to see those weird sisters. I came back to the library, and read there till I fell asleep.

Harker's time is quickly running out.  He knows that Dracula has posted his last letters home.  He also knows that he will never return home.  Dracula feigns a sincere discussion about Jonathan leaving the castle in the morning.  Harker requests to leave right away but his host tells him the horses and carriage are on another errand.  In desperation, Harker states he would walk.  Dracula is amused at this request and opens the castle doors.  It is only then that Harker remembers the poor peasant woman who was attacked by wolves in the castle courtyard.  He breaks down in fear and tells Dracula he will wait.

In silence we returned to the library, and after a minute or two I went to my own room. The last I saw of Count Dracula was his kissing his hand to me; with a red light of triumph in his eyes, and with a smile that Judas in hell might be proud of.

When I was in my room and about to lie down, I thought I heard a whispering at my door. I went to it softly and listened. Unless my ears deceived me, I heard the voice of the Count:—

“Back, back, to your own place! Your time is not yet come. Wait! Have patience! To-night is mine. To-morrow night is yours!” There was a low, sweet ripple of laughter, and in a rage I threw open the door, and saw without the three terrible women licking their lips. As I appeared they all joined in a horrible laugh, and ran away.

I came back to my room and threw myself on my knees. It is then so near the end? To-morrow! to-morrow! Lord, help me, and those to whom I am dear!

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