Good News for ABT's Fall Season Casting!

Good News!  Well, I think it is good news.  Sarah Lane will be in the opening night October 21 cast for Twyla Tharp's Brahms-Haydn Variations!

At this point I can't tell if she will be partnered by Daniil Simkin in the ballet or by Herman Cornejo.  Cornejo would be the best choice but the fact that Simkin's name is mentioned first it leads me to think that he will be her partner.  In either case, I'm glad she has the chance to shine on Gala night.

I found an excerpt of the ballet posted by Houston Ballet when they performed it a few years ago.

The good news continues, Sarah was also chosen to be in the lead cast of La Spectre de la Rose opposite Herman Cornejo.  This is great because I've read a lot of past reviews stating how wonderful Cornejo performed in the role in the past.  The only speculation was regarding his leading lady in the ballet.  Cornejo and Lane look well suited to one another.  I enjoyed their rapport in the otherwise unexciting Sleeping Beauty this past spring.

Cornejo posted the ballet to his own Youtube page.

I can't express how happy I am that the ballet will be Lane and Cornejo.  I was beginning to despair that Cornejo would be saddled with the Kochetkova ball and chain.

There is still no update on who will be dancing Ashton's Monotones I&II, I'm hoping it will be Stella Abrera since her casting hasn't been included in the recent news yet.

It's going to be a good fall.  I'll be so busy since I will also be attending NYCB's fall season and the Met's Tosca!

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