April - Dream Candy, T'ara - So Crazy

Listening to K-Pop is, for the most part, a bland experience.  The work isn't in the sound which is generic.  But the effort is all in the presentation.  There is an aesthetic, if you can call it that.  Most of them are so bizarre, I feel as if I need to check myself in to the local psychiatric hospital after watching.

The above video is like a frickin Lisa Frank sticker come to life.  I could only watch flabbergasted as flowers and dancing in Dutch girl outfits floated past me.  Until it was topped off with a huge ass unicorn.

Really I shouldn't be so surprised at all of this insanity.  Because I see it all the time in Second Life which among the most popular designers are Japanese and Korean.  They do all of this all the time in SL.  And I like it there.  But its basically a cartoon kind of world. But when put in reality based imagery, I'm a little repulsed by it.

Of course this girl band is young.  As soon as they get older, the K-Pop industry pushes them into the black eyeliner, black witch goth look.

So bizarre.

Oh look, in a few short years young girl groups can look forward to making videos about working in automat type diners while dressed in slinky sailor outfits.  That is progress!

Both of these videos and the crazy they cause will be the next subject of my psychotherapy session.

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