The Original Buns of Steel

I cannot tell you enough how much I love this exercise video.  Not even Greg Smithy's corny jokes and all the old fashioned leotards on display annoys me.  When I was a teen, I was obsessed with this exercise tape.  And now I remember why, it is guaranteed to work.  You will see improvement within the first 3 sessions.  This improvement will inspire you to go further and become a leg/butt champion like its pole vaulter host.

Now comes the warning, the improvement will not come without sacrifice.  These leg exercises BURN!  If you have ever completed the Ballet Beautiful exercise tape remember the burn it caused than times it by 2.  Yes, it is that discomforting.  Because the exercises Smithy gives you reaches all the rarely worked muscles that are missed in regular workouts.  Best of all, this video works very well with a bar based workout program.  Smithy's exercises don't build bulk, they tone and stretch.  The stretch is built into the workout itself.

The program is basic.  Smithy gives a small, very nice aerobic workout that causes a nice sweat, then cools it down by giving basic arm exercises.  These include push-ups, isometric presses and pulls (using your own arm strength) and tricep push ups.  Then he jumps right into the leg exercises.  They mostly consist of leg lifts in various positions that tone the backside, outer thighs and inner thighs.  There are no squats to be seen in this program and it puts minimal pressure on your knees.  I do have to say, if you have knee trouble (I do), pay strict attention to form.  Always make sure that your legs are even with the other, and aligned.  The knee should face forward and the feet should also be pointing forward.  If you are turned out from the hip or the knees, you will have pain or pulling sensations in the knee.  Also don't use the range of motion shown by Smithy and his students.  Believe me, you will still get a fantastic work out if you use a smaller, precise leg lift.  After the torture, Smithy ends it with some basic stomach crunches then stretches.  Many people skip the aerobics, arm and stomach exercise, but I don't and I don't think they should be skipped.  The program is designed to work as whole.

Despite the old fashioned exercise wear, Smithy's students are of all shapes, sizes and ages.  They are not supermodels and will not intimidate you.  You will notice that all, no matter what their size, have the Buns of Steel long and toned legs.

Now to warn you what this video workout won't do.  It won't give you a Jennifer Lopez shapely backside.  If that shape is not in your genetic cards, you won't have it.  It is sad, but it is true.  Will it lift, tighten and tone your backside to its best look ever?  Of course.  But you won't look like JLo and any workout that promises you such a shape is LYING.  This all comes back to accepting your body shape and working with it.

You can buy this workout on amazon but Smithy sells it from his own website.  It is a bit cheaper if you buy it direct (click HERE).

This video was originally recommended to me by a personal trainer.  So again it works!  So have fun, scream in exercise pain but enjoy your new shapely legs!

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