The Tyrian Robe: Tyrion The Queenmaker and The Kingmaker

I've been reading through my Alchemy books and was surprised to discover further evidence of Tyrion's importance.  It cements his importance to the coming, final trio of  Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion.  He is the conduit, he is the vital connection that both will need to take power.  Please note, no one can rule Westeros if Tyrion is not by their side.  The Lannister family were fools not to favor their son and brother.

Now I must admit it would be really interesting if Tyrion was the ultimate ruler of Westeros.  But that won't be true anymore than Daenerys or Jon will be the ultimate ruler.  All three must rule.  Again they represent the body (salt), the heart (Sulphur) and the soul (Mercury).

The combination of the three goes through several variations before the stone is created.  We saw evidence of a failed combination between Tyrion, Jamie and Cersei.  The incestuous relationship of Jamie and Cersei is a literal embodiment of what Alchemists call the chemical marriage.  The incest in the symbology is akin to the concept of soul mates or true love.  So close is this love that the red King and white Queen are like siblings. But of course in life, incest is an abomination.  It leads to genetic corruption.  Corruption is certainly NOT what the Alchemist is brewing.  Hence the failure of Cersei and Jamie's control of the Kingdom.  Also it was even behind the failure of the Targaryens!

In my alchemy book "A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery" by Lyndy Abraham it states that the arrival of the Rubedo is shown by the white Queen giving the reborn Red King the Tyrian robe.  Tyrian is a special purple dye that could only be worn by royalty.  It further goes on to explain that the King in Splendor Solis is shown with black body, white hand and red head (See picture above).  The king contains all the colors of the great work:  black for nigredo, white for albedo and red for rubedo.  In Game of Thrones we see that Jon Snow represents the colors of the great work.  He wears the black for the Night's Watch, his murder by the Night's watch in the snow represents the Albedo (separation from the impure body), and his coming red rebirth will be when Daenerys and Tyrion go to the wall. This will literally be the offering of the Tyrian robe from the Queen to the King.

Now, we saw this concept by Melisandre.  She continually states that King's blood is all.  But she uses it wrongly.  She takes what is not given freely.  What she does is also an abomination because it does not give life, it takes life.  In the show Melisandre takes the life of Shireen to give Stannis victory on the battlefield.  However in the novels, Shireen still lives and Stannis has not yet fought for Winterfell.  Still, the writers of the show have some foreknowledge of coming events from Martin.  It seems Shireen will die in the novels.  But for whom is the big question.  Most theorists think that Melisandre will kill Shireen to save Jon.  If this does occur, it will not work the way she intended.  If it does anything, it will harken back to the Snow White analogy I wrote about in a previous essay.  What Melisandre will achieve is to give Jon a living death.  He will experience stasis only.  The fires of the Night's Watch will not burn him.

How Martin will unite the trio remains to be seen.  But as the trio stands now, Tyrion is in his Mercury aspect.  He is the conduit, the connector between Jon and Daenerys.  He will bring Daenerys to the wall.  He will know that the white walkers are the greater threat.  He will know that Daenerys will need to defeat this enemy to gain the trust of Westeros. He also knows that Daenerys will need to unite with a man from Westeros.  Someone Westeros will trust and the Starks were well regarded and still command the loyalty of the North.  Of course when they arrive, the wall will be in shambles, the White walkers heading south and Jon Snow in living death.

In the past essay I stated that only the Black Dragon's blood will revive the dead King.  I forecast that we will see the true power of the Dragon's blood or King's blood.  I don't think we will see Daenerys bleeding her dragons for Jon.  That isn't what we were shown through Melisandre.  What we will see is Daenerys offering her own blood for Jon.  That is what will bring him back to life.

This will herald the Rubedo stage of the story.  The Tyrian robe of Daenerys offering her life for Jon.  Of course, Daenerys will not die during this process.  And True Love will not occur straight away as in the fairy tale.  What fun would it be without the quarreling couple?  We will definitely see some fireworks before Jon and Daenerys declare love.  And Tyrion will be there to make sure it happens.  He is, afterall, the key to everything.

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