WTF? More WTF Copeland Insanity

This is the latest Copeland horror.  This photo was included in the latest article about Miss Missy, an Idol to young dancers everywhere.  Inspiring young black girls to...ballet?  Is the woman in that picture a ballet dancer?

It doesn't look like a ballet dancer.  The look states "I need a Stripper Bar PRONTO!".

I'm not a prude.  But I am for civilized decency in public.  And this picture is a trashy, trashy mess.  The fact that young children were added to it is even more awful.  What is Copeland's outfit telling them?  It isn't about being a ballerina.  It is all about being a sexualized icon.  Copeland isn't a principal dancer with a lead ballet company in this photo.  She could be just about any fly girl twerking in a gangster rap video.

I'm appalled at this lack of decency in her.  But then again I can't be surprised, she lied and publicity hounded her way into principal status. Because it sure as hell wasn't her dancing that got her leads.

Not only is it encouraging young girls wrongly into thinking that they are only good for their beauty but it is playing directly into the racism that Copeland is against, that Essence is supposed to be against.  It gives the impression that black women are only for sex, that they have no other talents except to be a disposable fling.

Obviously ballet has reached a low I never thought possible, courtesy of Mother Dearest complex ridden Copeland.

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