Herman Cornejo and Sarah Lane in Spartacus

Photos courtesy of Sarah Lane.  Click on this link to her Facebook.

I discovered this news from Haglund's Heel, Sarah Lane and Herman Cornejo will star in Spartacus in November 19-22 in Buenos Aires.  Most of the notices are in Spanish.  But you can read one notice HERE.

I am so happy for both of them that they have this opportunity to dance TOGETHER.  Which is obviously what the two of them want but are not allowed to do with their home company ABT.  I was holding back on discussing the released Spring schedule which, incidentally, was announced by the MET not ABT.  Lane is barely featured but the totally unnecessary Kochetkova is constantly shoved by Cornejo's side.

I am frustrated.  Look at the two of them!  Look how good they look together.  They also dance well together.  How could any company pass up on this kind of partnership chemistry?  It's the same deal with Lane and her other partner Joseph Gorak.  Both of them look good together.  But both are forced to find opportunities to dance together outside the company.  In Gorak's case, both of them danced the Bluebird Pas de Deux at a dance festival in Chicago last August.

Whatever is going on in ABT, it is really unfair and a sign of mismanagement.

ETA:  The Met calendar has now completely pulled ABT's dance schedule and casting.  I'm not surprised at all since ABT is now left with egg all over their face and will now have to justify their casting to knowledgeable dance fans.  I mean who wants to see the beautiful but limp noodle personality of Hee Seo in everything.  Kochetkova is an insulting pander to Russian ballet goers and she is paired with Cornejo to make her look better.  Beautiful Abrera was not given a Sylvia, Swan Lake or Romeo and Juliet.  Sarah Lane's Sleeping Beauty with Cornejo was only given ONE performance.  The only two dancers who came out ahead were claw handed Boyleston and the publicity hound Copeland.

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