Swan Lake - Joy Womack - Kremlin Ballet

Videos are online of Joy Womack's debut in Swan Lake last week.  I think she looks fabulous.  There may have been a few nervous ticks shown in some of the clips, but everything else was great.  Womack was very humble about her experience.  Which kind of downplayed her achievement which was considerable.  The audience response in other videos was very enthusiastic.

I can see why many Russian dance fans would find Womack attractive or even a bit of a curiosity.  She melds American athletic form (that Balanchine so loved about American dancers) with an elegant Russian classicism.  It is evident that Womack's coach worked very hard with her since the improvement this year is on display for all to see.

Now Womack is in the midst of preparing for a performance of Don Quixote.

The Kremlin Ballet channel has also uploaded a clip of their beautiful Corps in Swan Lake.

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