Walk it Out

I admit I'm having a hard time recently getting up the motivation to exercise.  But instead of giving in to sheer laziness and a depressive attitude, I try to work it out of my system.  That means I switch to workouts that don't require a lot of my time.  I will do a 15 minute T-Tapp or perhaps a 30 minute Lotte Berk program.  But currently I reach for Walk Out with Jane Fonda.  This is part of her Prime-Time series for older exercisers.

Please don't let the fact that this recent exercise video that was created for people over 50 and up deter you.  This is a good work out.  It is perfect for avid exercisers looking to relax a bit but still keep toning.  It is also great for exercisers of all ages who haven't been active for awhile and are looking to get back into exercise.

The first part of the program is a tone and stretch session.  Fonda uses lighter weights but the exercises are the common variety included in all weight workouts.  Unlike in her older videos, Fonda concentrates on stretching.  She includes nice, long stretches that lengthen muscles and releases knots.  This part of the video is for people just starting to exercise again and need toning before they move on to the tougher 2nd section.  If you are starting over, do concentrate on this section the most. Only when you can complete it without feeling exhausted and you can see that your muscles are more toned  will you move on to part 2.

Part 2 of the program is a low impact 18 minute aerobic walk out session (see example preview above).  Despite the low key atmosphere, you will break out into a nice sweat with this program.  If you are younger and in shape, you can add in more high impact moves such as small hops or more vigorous steps.  No matter if you keep it low impact or step it up, you will feel cheerful and accomplished at the end.  Fonda ends the session with more prolonged stretching.

As you gain strength and stamina (or are already in shape) you can turn this video into an hour long workout session by doing both programs.  When I'm in a more motivated mood, this is how I commonly use it.  But I'm in a bit of low energy like now,  I just do part 2 which lifts me up.

This program is available by VOD with Itunes and Amazon.  Check it out!

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