Wish Me Luck

I got a ticket to the ABT gala because I wanted to see Stella Abrera debut in Monotones.

That is the good news.

The bad news?

I will also have to suffer dinosaur hands Isabella Boylston in this ballet.  Talk about a dancer who wouldn't know classical epaulement if it fell on top of her.  How this dancer without polish managed to be one of the forerunners of ABT is beyond me.  Granted she is fast but every limb on her flies around and where they will land no one knows.  Oh and yeah, did I mention she has dinosaur claw hands?  I just want everyone to know that.

At least the other ballerina with Abrera will be Veronika Part.

Stay tuned, I will try and give the dirty lowdown as soon as the show ends.

Also in the news, Missy C is complaining that critics pay too much attention to her debuts.  AND ITS NOT FAIR!  Especially since her self induced, exaggerated hyper extension stops her from attempting all the technique that other dancers MUST accomplish.  But not Copey, nope, we only have to be thankful that she is clomping around the stage and showing off DIVERSITY!  WHHEEEEEE.

There are clips all over the nets now hawking her video film biography, A ballerina's tale.  One of the first opening shots is of her dancing feet making a ruckus with unhammered toe shoes.  I'm sorry, shoes are not supposed to make noise like that on simple chaines and pirouette turns.  It just shows that Miss C uses her shoes as a crutch.

It reminds of this clip from Young Frankenstein.

All Copeland needs to scream while dancing is "Putting on the Ritz!"  I don't think I'll have to see her in action tonight but we shall soon see.

Wish me luck.

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