Lotte Berk Exercise 1982 Update

So it has been a week.  WOW.  All I can say is, WOW.

The original program, straight from Lotte herself, is turbo charged.  I felt a difference after two days.  I actually see a difference after the first week.

Most of the changes are in my legs, hips and backside.  Especially the backside.  It shrank away.  So if you looking to build out muscle in your buttocks for a rounder shape, this program is probably not what you are looking for at this time.  But for everyone else who wants a straighter, longer line to the body like a dancer than do this tape!  This is why I gravitate to Lotte Berk and the various methods based on her program, because I'm short and tend to look bulky.  The Berk program just gets rid of that bulk and creates the illusion of length, especially in the legs.

The stomach area will take longer.  But this is the case in all exercise programs.  The lower tummy and hip area is where the body stores fat for women.   However it is interesting that I'm seeing my hip area get noticeably smaller but not too much change in the stomach.

These amazing changes do require hard work either every day or includes just one or two days of rest.  The hard work is serious because the exercises shock the muscles.  You won't get anywhere without concentrating because it is easy to cheat.  The exercises are isometric, so it all depends on how much you put into them.  If you slouch or go easy on yourself, you will not see any changes.  And it will be quite easy to blame the program for not working but that will not be the case.  This program requires a lot of self honesty and a willingness to experience momentary discomfort to build stamina.  So do the work.  Even if you are so sore you can't walk fast for a few days.  You will be extremely happy with the results once the soreness eases.

How does this program match up to Callanetics, the Lotte Berk Method, Physique 57 and the other variants?  There is no contest, the original works the best and works faster than all of them.  However I will say if you experience chronic back or knee problems, then stay away from it.  Or if you do take part, take it easy and pay attention to form.  Your knees should be straight and aligned.  Do not arch your back during the leg lifts.  You will get results if you can't life your leg high like the model in the video.

Recently I saw a review of Lotte's program based on her book The Lotte Berk Method of Exercise.  The reviewer complained how sexist some of the advice was in the book and how it encouraged starvation as a diet plan.  All I can say is well...the 70s it was well over 40 years ago.  The exercise industry was barely in its infancy.  A lot of crazy advice was floating around.  I wouldn't follow any diet program from that time than I would for one from 1930.  And sexist culture?  It was a fact back then and it is a fact now.   What the reviewer didn't review, being so intent on her high horse, was the actual exercise program.  Which leads me to believe she got herself so incensed with the introductory material she threw away the rest of it.  It is the exercises that are tried and true not Berk's diet plan.

And I'm telling you it works.  It works unbelievably fast and it will make you happy and confident.  I'll give a further update after my second week is over.

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