Lotte Update

It has been three days into the program.  It is oddly rough and also easy.  The easy part is that the program (if you skip the introduction) is only about 20 minutes.  So it isn't a long time to spend exercising.  The rough part is that every exercise burns like crazy and leaves my muscles loose and wobbly.  As with all the Lotte Berk based workouts, the results are quick to see.  My leg muscles are more toned.

As I suspected the first two days, I was a bit sore.  Not so much where I felt I could not move but enough for me to notice.  It was the worst when just sitting at my desk.  Moving around helped stretch out my muscles and provided some relief.  Today is the first day in which I feel comfortable.  Also I feel I should take just one day this week just to let my muscles recuperate.  Berk advises every day but this workout was filmed way back in 1982.  There have been more studies on exercise and most trainers advise at least one day rest to allow inflammation in the muscles to abate.

This brings me to the next subject.  You have to be careful and use common sense in using this early program.  Just as in the first Jane Fonda video, there will be examples that you must not follow.  The first is do not throw your body around like the model in video.  She will perform loose and fast side bends that she can do because it is obvious she has been performing this exercise program for a long time.  I ignore her and so should you.  Small concentrated motions that give you the benefits and none of the danger.  The model/instructor also performs some questionable neck rolls in a very fast example.  Don't do it!  NO.  Wildly flinging your head around on a loose neck is just asking for big trouble.  Perform your own favorite neck stretches.  The rest of the exercises are straight forward and a part of most Lotte Berk based workouts.  So there won't be anything truly surprising except for the immediate muscle burn.  Berk only requires 4 repetitions for most of the exercises and you will mistakenly laugh thinking what good will 4 reps do? I promise you, you will be crying for mercy after 2 reps.

So tonight will be a rest night and I will finish out the week for the next three days.  Another update then.

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