Berk Exercise Notes

At long last, I now know that I have found my basic exercise program.  Yes, I love Callanetics, Physique 57, Smithey's Buns of Steel and the various bunny hopping Jane Fonda programs but the one program that has changed my body for the best is the 1982 Lotte Berk program hosted by the woman herself.

It has been more than two weeks, but I lost time due to getting very sick.  So my exercising was put on hold.  Now I'm back and using the LB tape every other day interspersed with a bit of aerobics.  I'm so happy with the results.  You don't understand how much I love the results.  My body is very short and has a tendency to look like a box shape.  Especially if I work out with weights.  For so long I've tried many different programs that worked well for one body part but bulked me out inadvertently in other areas.  Berk's 1982 program does not do this to me, it lengthens my muscles everywhere.  I never would have thought that this could happen.  But my legs and hips now look a lot like the model on the cover of this old photo for the original class.  Which is amazing because the model is tall and has a longer body line.  But my shape is now almost the same but for a sturdier, petite frame.

Since I'm also tend toward inconsistency in exercising, this program is mercifully short at about 30 minutes.  Still I work hard for those 30 minutes striving for a correct and hardworking form for each exercise.  It has gotten to the point, only after a short time, my body craves these 30 minutes.  Granted it isn't as relaxing as Pinckney's Callanetics but it isn't manic like P57, but I enjoy how it simultaneously stretches and works the muscles.

So if you want a longer, leaner and feminine look to your body than this is the program for you.  If you are striving for a more athletic, muscular shape this program may not satisfy you.  Yes, it will make your muscles hard but it won't create that ripped look that is very popular nowadays.  Whatever your goals it is important to find the right exercise that makes you feel good and create a look that is right for you.  The original Lotte Berk exercise method is my holy grail.

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