Swan Lake - Stella Abrera and Sterling Baca

An absolutely beautiful Stella Abrera dances Odette's Pas de Deux with Sterling Baca.  The purity in her form is just wonderful to see.  She has perfect, casebook examples of harmonious 90 degree angles that highlight how much ballet is in the same spirit of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man principles.  She only strays a few times from the golden mean of straight angles for effect.

If only she was among the cast come this spring.  Instead this company wants to force us to watch Jurassic Park Boylston, the ungainly Copeland and totally unnecessary Russian also rans Kochetkova and Semionova.  At least Veronika Part is among one cast that doesn't embarrass the company.

ABT has at least 3 ballerinas, Part, Abrera and Lane, that could perform this ballet with renown.  Plus there are even more pure classical dancers moldering in the ranks that could also be wonderful in this ballet.  Instead we see amateur levels attempting to dance and that the company cynically uses to state they have no adept performers and must use guest stars.

Come on, ABT, cast Stella in this role.  And while your at it, cast Sarah Lane.  Yes, Sarah Lane.  Who was so good a dancer that Hollywood tried to hijack her career to further glorify that over-acting mess named Natalie Portman.

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