First Post of the Year!

Wow, it has been awhile.  I've been busy with different events.  But now, life is back to normal.

My exercise program took a bit of a hit.  However I didn't lose tone.  My favorite tape is still Lotte Berk's 1982 program which works for me like nothing else has before or since.  I love how it makes me feel afterwards energetic not worn out.  Yes, the program still hurts and will continue to hurt as I work the muscles deeper.

My legs are quite long looking now and my bottom has lifted.  The saddlebags are almost complete gone.  I've also noticed that little pudge on the upper back and sides is gone.  My waist now pulls in quite nicely.  Its interesting to watch the changes occur slowly yet I'm surprised how such small exercises can make such a huge difference in my shape.

Again Lotte Berk won't give you a muscular look.  It won't give you a weight lifter's physique.  If that is what you want, look for another program.  This program is perfect for people who want to emphasize their own feminine shape to its best possible look.  It does this by lengthening the muscles.

In my searches around Youtube, I stumbled upon another old exercise program that uses Lotte Berk's original method.

It is called Denise Welch - You Can Do it!   See link Below:

This tape is based on an extended version of the 1982 group of exercises.  You'll recognize a few from Lotte's original exercise tape along with variations that offshoots of Berk's method use as well.  The program is still tough but longer...about 60 minutes.  Some of the exercises have been modified further for gentler stretches.  Especially in regards to the neck and the back.

Denise Welch is a British celebrity and unfortunately I don't believe her exercise tape was ever released in the US.  Also to buy the tape from the UK would mean you would have to own a DVD player that will play all region codes.  Luckily the link above showcases the whole program.

I've been interspersing Berk's method with the T-Tapp 15 minute program and various Jane Fonda aerobic workouts (mainly Prime Time:Walkout).

At the moment, I'm thinking about adding a workout here and there of Kettlebell to work my muscles differently.  I've read Kettlebell is good at building muscle but not causing bulk.  I'll be back with the updates.

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